Full size SketchChair Wearsteel prototype

Wearsteel Prototype


This is a full scale MDF prototype version of the WearSteel design, previously tested as a 1:4 scale cardboard miniature in this project from november:  Cardboard SketchChair Miniatures


For more info on SketchChair please see SketchChair.cc.


This is a project by London based design studio, Diatom Studio.








This design was slightly revised from the 1:4 scale miniature – namely the legs were made a little longer.


The final pattern includes "dog-bones" and is formatted for a 16mm material thickness.


This pattern was spread out over two 600x1200mm sheets of 16mm MDF.


These cuts were done in about 2mm increments and generallly each part took between 6-10 minutes to cut.





The cnc cutting pattern for “Wearsteel”



Saw, Sandpaper and Hammer


Once cut, to prepare the parts for assembly first the tabs needed to be sawn off.  The rough edges of all the parts were then cleaned up with some 180grit sandpaper.


Once sanded the parts still were not quite fitting together - measuring the mdf with calipers showed it to be about 16.4mm, slightly wider than specified in the cutting file.  Additional sanding of all the joints was required to get the parts to fit together.


Once fitting properly, the parts were fairly simple to put together.  A hammer was used to get a complete fit, as the fit was still quite tight.  This was fine for a one-time assembly, but if one wanted to take the chair apart from time to time a slightly looser fit would be better.


Diagrams to help with assembling the Wearsteel design will be available in the SketchChair.cc design library at some point.

Sawing off the tabs

Sanding down the edges


Mauricio sitting in the chair.

Assembled at AltLab, seen in the background (www.altlab.org) 

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Last updated: 09/02/2015