Cardboard SketchChair Miniatures

Twiggy and Rocksteady


These were miniatures made as a part of development of the SketchChair project.  These are some of the first models we have made at this scale, using corragated cardboard.


SketchChair will be an opensource project, which we will releasing as a public beta in december 2011.  The idea behind SketchChair was to make an accessible software tool that would allow anyone to design and build their own digitally fabricated furniture.  These designs and many others will be available under creative commons licences within the SketchChair design library, and anybody will be able to contribute their own designs to this resource as well.


This is a project by London based design studio, Diatom Studio.





Máquina de corte a laser


The cutting files used were scaled up by 190% from 1:9 scale patterns for 1.5mm material.  This makes the final scale of these a little under 1:5 (approx. 1:4.74), and they were cut from 3mm corragated cardboard.


Laser cutter settings used:


Red: vector cut, power 50%, speed 40%.

Blue: vector etch, power 10%, speed 80%.

+ gas assist on both.


The cutting pattern for “WearSteel”



Craft knife and hot glue gun


The cutting pattern includes tabs that attach the parts to the material, which these need to be cut with a craft knife to remove the parts.


The parts are generally labelled with the layers from left from right as A, B, C etc., and with the slices or slats labelled from the back/top of the chair to the front, as 1, 2, 3 etc.  Diagrams to help with assembling these will be available in the design library at some point.


Some of the parts needed a bit of hot glue in the corners to help keep the chair together, but this is optional.


Auxarc (left), and Antler Chair (right)


From left to right, Coral Chair, Kwoon, DIO, WearSteel.

Aseembled at AltLab, seen in the background (


antlerchair_3mm.pdf364.9 KB
twiggyrocksteady_3mm.pdf365.18 KB
auxarc_3mm.pdf356.71 KB
coralchair_3mm.pdf369.35 KB
kwoon_3mm.pdf367.25 KB
dio_3mm.pdf351.76 KB
wearsteel_3mm.pdf347.29 KB
mymolly_3mm.pdf350.28 KB

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