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The workshop “A living System” involves three partners: VitruviusFablab-ISCTE.IUL, FabLabEDP and Rhino3DPortugal. The main goal is to explore digital technologies and their contribution to solve some of the new challenges presented to the society and architecture in Portugal. With technological developments, tools once limited to not creative areas begin to be part of the everyday life of students in University Architecture Laboratories and change its design processes. The architecture design methods are changing rapidly with the introduction of CAD-CAM software’s. In recent years, new software’s have been available for 3D representation and digital fabrication, which have allowed creating new ways of interacting with the computer and architecture. Contemporary architecture in its various scales, seeks greater flexibility, adaptability and interactivity taking into account both the means and goals of kinetic systems. Thus, it is essential to the creative industry players to acquire new knowledge about the latest technological innovations and how they can solve some of the problems and challenges of today’s society.

The workshop will explore the use of Grasshopper, Firefly and Arduino as creative and technical tools in all the design process, to simulation and prototype 3D interactive architecture solutions.

The theoretical and practical workshop (64 hours) taught in English and Portuguese, will be composed of two modules: (1) LS_01: Firefly +Grasshopper + Arduino and Scale Model Fabrication; (2) LS_02: Design Studio – Discursive Wall.

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We had an open SketchChair Workshop featured by Tiago Rorke from diatom studio, this was an event with the partnership of Altlab! Users tested their own criativity and tried to build their ownn chair, using our digital fabrication techniques!





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Fablab EDP was inaugurated by Antonio Mexia, CEO of EDP Group.




Our first Workshop about FablabEDP occured with full success! The participants developped their projects using the machines and the specific software.




Fablab EDP organized three Arduino Workshops, with full success!



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