Arduino Case



This project was developed by José Varandas, an EDP employee, and his idea was to build an Arduino Case very similar in terms of fabrication process to the image below.

This image was taken from a website called Pimoroni Shop and they sell this laser cut product to Raspbery pi users. You can see the link below:


pibow rainbow case


With the help of a fabguru, he learned how to use Inkscape, a vector drawing software.

With the help of guides, snaps, rectangles and a scaled picture of an Arduino Uno he was able to accurately draw each layer of the case.



The most important part for this project is to get the correct thickness of the material you're using and compare it with the Arduino side view. Once you do that, you'll be able to figure out the exact design for each layer, without any misalignement or overlap.



Then, José made some tests with the laser cutter so he could double check his design and finetune the vector lines for the final cut.

In the end, he cut an acrylic layer with the Arduino logo on top.

Nice detail José!



Project file: 

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Last updated: 16/02/2015